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About Us

Hi folks! My name is Dominic Rivers, (founder of Mattress On A Budget). Before we started this company I did just about everything. From retail stores, fast food restaurants, auto sales, community college, you name it!. But it wasn't until the year of 2015 that I found my true calling. Some people believe that the best things in life happen when you least expect it.

So in desperate need of a job, I applied at a local furniture store. Although I had no experience in furniture sales, I had great customer service skills. I guess the interview went well though because they started me the very next day. I really didn't know what to expect, in-fact I was quite overwhelmed by the crash course training. The store was massive, and filled with a plethora of inventory. Not knowing where to start, I somehow gravitated towards the mattress department. It oddly gave me a since of relief of the anxiety from the training. It wasn't long before I became the Mattress Guru of the store. Seasoned co-workers were quite impressed by my enthusiasm, and willingness to learn about beds. I became so good at it, that customers were directed towards me if they needed a mattress. I couldn't believe it, I finally found a job that I loved to do.

As time passed I started to ask myself "should I open my own mattress store?". It was something that I loved to do, and I was pretty good at it. So I did it!



It wasn't easy branching off to start my own company. I was so accustomed on going to work, clocking in, taking care of my customers, clocking out, and going home for the day. But I wasn't satisfied. I got tired of being the employee, and saying "let me ask my manager". I wanted to be The Guy, and have ALL the responsibilities.


So after trail and error I did it, and I'm still doing it every single day. I was supposed to be off today, yet I'm typing this article so my readers can see my passion behind my company. We are MORE than a mattress store. We are REAL people, and we CARE about the products we offer to our customers.


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