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Help Save Our Planet

Going green has never been more popular. From reusable straws, to electric cars, everything is becoming greener by the day. So what if I told you that Mattress On A Budget is a green company. That's right folks, almost everything that is used, and reused promotes a eco-friendly environment. What does that mean? Well, we carry a couple different products, but mainly mattresses. We offer organically rebuilt models, and also new.

Why does this matter to me? Most mattresses contain some type of coil system which usually consist of steel. The steel itself is actually the most recycled material on planet earth, see HERE for more information. 

Why else? Just like any other thing, a mattress will eventually wear out, and be disposed of to a nearby landfill.

What's a LANDFILL?" A landfill is basically a giant trash can where unwanted item(s) are decomposed of inside an oxygen free environment. 

Why does that matter? Unfortunately the decomposing releases a greenhouse gas called methane which is considered 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

Ok, so how can I do my part? By purchasing your next mattress through us, you can decrease your carbon footprint for generations to come. See our Greener Meter below.

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