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about mattress on a budgetHello World! Welcome to Mattress On A Budget (Quality Sleep At A Low Price!). To whom it may concern, we opened our internet doors back in April of 2016 just when the economy was at it's peak. Frustrated with the high mattress prices at stores like: Walmart, Ashley's Furniture, Mattress Firm, Sit And Sleep, and Purple Mattress helped to create this family owned mattress store.


who's the owner of mattress on a budget?

Please allow me to introduce myself. If you found us on our Google business page searching mattress stores near me you may have seen some customer reviews thanking (Dominic) for his customer service. Well you guessed it, that's me. Not to be confused with the Vin Diesel character from Fast And The Furious. I promise to keep my autobiography short and sweet. Born and raised right here in San Bernardino County by a single Grandmother along with three other siblings I wasn't destined to be successful, let alone own a local mattress store. But growing up with adversity gave me a great character trait that I wouldn't trade for the world. It made me never give up on my dreams of becoming great at something.


local mattress store

I didn't start off by selling mattresses at discounted prices. My first business was supplying blow pops to my fellow classmates in elementary school. Business was good but my principal put a quick end to that. My next venture was selling wholesale items to the public via catalog (like a school fundraiser). That lasted maybe a month. Not too long after that I spent a few years as a self-proclaimed musician (rapper). That was something I got real serious about before mattresses. I soon met the love of my life, got married, had some kids, and now life got real. I could no longer perform hobbies for side cash but I needed a real job with a steady paycheck. I couldn't tell you all the jobs I had because that would be a book in itself. For the most part I stayed in the sales industry for quite some time. Everything from cars, retail stores, life insurance, and more!


is a mattress good for your health?Finally after all the soul searching, I received a career opportunity with a local furniture store. I didn't know that this would change my life for the next several years. I figured it was just another gig selling beds, box springs, and frames. But there was something different about this place. I really felt at home, like I just loved to do it. The technology of things like: memory foam, pocket coils, and latex foam really intrigued me. I knew this was my destiny because the passion of selling a product that could improve one's health was amazing.


mattress store in my areaSo I studied, studied, and studied! Learning everything that I could like: finding a wholesale mattress supplier, creating spreadsheets, filling out invoices, and all the latest mattress technology. When I officially opened I was still currently working a nine to five job. I didn't know the time frame it would take before I became a profitable mattress company. I was willing to be patient with this idea because I was more driven about the journey than the destination.


discounted mattress

My first sale took over a year! I will never forget the transaction, in fact I didn't even make a profit. I just gave the customer a wholesale mattress deal. It was more important for me to just get the first deal under my belt and slowly start to make money as I went forward, and I did just that. Before I knew it, I was making the same amount of money that I did from the local furniture store.


why should I buy a mattress?In the words of Porky Pig "That's All Folks!" Thank you for reading information about our mattress company, and my some of my life journeys. It has been a true pleasure. So the next time that you're in the market for a mattress, box spring, bed frame, or even a mattress in a box for a discounted price give us a try. God bless to all it may concern.